Father Makes Heart-Wrenching Choice After Learning Daughter’s Violent, Twisted Plan

In this age of persistent domestic terror threats, law enforcement take no chances when it comes to ensuring public safety.

Practicing vigilance is always encouraged to prevent tragedies. It’s a constant message that plays throughout airports and public schools nationwide. We are repeatedly told by authorities, “If you see something, say something.”

But what happens when saying something could have devastating consequences for someone you love?

For one father, preventing a catastrophic incident at his daughter’s high school forced him to make a decision that will likely lead to profound ramifications for his family.

From The Daily Wire:

A Maryland father, reading his 18-year-old daughter’s diary, discovered her well-made plans to commit mass slaughter at her high school, then alerted investigators to her plot, thus averting the attack.

Nichole Cevario, an honor roll student at Catoctin High School, had been writing since December of her plans, setting a timeline, the steps of the planned attack, and a target date of April 5. Not only had she accumulated weapons that included a shotgun and elements to construct a pipe bomb, such as pipes with end caps, shrapnel, and fuse material, she also gathered intelligence on emergency procedures at the school during drills and asked how deputies were armed when they responded to a school emergency, according to Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins.

Once Cevario’s terrifying plans were unearthed, authorities, believing her to be mentally ill, had her committed involuntarily to receive a mental health evaluation. When her evaluation is complete, she will be arrested.

Her charges include possession of explosive material and possession of incendiary material with the intent to create a destructive device.

Cevario could face up to 25 years in prison for her crime, but this seems a small price to pay for preventing what Sheriff Charles Jenkins referred to as “a disaster.”

No word on how Cevario’s father is handling the news, but it doesn’t seem outlandish to presume he likely feels both guilt and relief for exposing his daughter’s plans.

Even though this was a terrible thing for the father to discover, the students at Catoctin High School owe him a debt of gratitude for seeing something and saying something.

Source: The Daily Wire

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