Father Of Orlando Victim Just Said The 1 Thing That Every Liberal Fears…The Gospel TRUTH!

After a mass shooting, like the terrible one in Orlando, the left tries to use it as a chip to erode our gun rights. They claim that the right to bear arms in America is what causes gun violence, conveniently ignoring the real causes, as in this case: radical Islamic terror.

But the truth is, if more responsible Americans owned and knew how to operate firearms, crimes like the one at Pulse nightclub would not happen. Pulse was a “gun free” zone, which essential tells any terrorist or criminal, “Come on in and do what you want, because there won’t be anyone who can stop you!”

Plenty of supporters of the Second Amendment are saying this, including Mark Allen Bando, the father of one of the victims.

From Western Journalism:

Calling into Sean Hannity’s radio show show Monday, Bando, who is a retired Detroit police officer said, “His mom talked to him on the phone that evening before he went to the club, so she knew he was going. When she woke up Sunday morning and heard there’d been a massacre there, she went over there — she hadn’t heard from him so she feared the worst — and just today they finally told us that he was one of the victims that was killed at the scene. He never even made it to the hospital.”

Bando went on to say that he wishes more Americans would arm themselves to protect against madmen like Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter.

“There is a simpler solution, as Donald Trump has said many times, if you have somebody shooting back, the game’s over,” he said. “When the shooting started there wasn’t one person in there that wouldn’t have traded everything he owned in the world to have a loaded gun. But these people don’t realize it until they’re in a situation that’s far too late.”

When will the left learn that the Second Amendment was created to protect American lives? So what if criminals get access to guns? They’ll get their hands on them whether there’s gun control or not. But the American people need to arm themselves. They need to learn how to safely operate firearms. The next time a maniac wants to shed blood in the name of jihad, bullets will be coming from the other direction.

Just think how scared those terrorists will be?

Source: Western Journalism

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