JUST IN: FBI’s Document Dump On Hillary STUNS America! Finally Proves She’s…

On July 2nd the FBI interviewed and investigated Hillary Clinton extensively.  A few days later they recommended that the Justice Department not press charges against her.

James Comey said it was just a matter of extreme carelessness.  Right.

Up until today, all of America has been highly suspicious of the proceedings since Comey’s statements were utterly contradictory.  But now the summary statements of the FBI’s findings have been released. The mainstream media immediately dismissed this as “nothing new,” but of course they would.  Ben Shapiro, via The Daily Wire, did Americans the favor of combing through the released documents and releasing an extensive list of shocking new things we have definitively learned from this document dump.  Here is what he found:

1. Hillary Used TONS Of Different Devices.
2. Her Aides Destroyed Her Old Blackberrys…Or Lost Them.
3. Hillary Told The FBI She Had No Idea How Classified Intelligence Worked.
4. Hillary Hid 17,448 Work Related Emails From The State Department.
5. Hillary Wiped Her Email Again After The New York Times Reported Her Private Email Server.
6. Hillary Said She Didn’t Think “C” on Emails Meant “Confidential.”
7. Hillary Brought Her Blackberry Into A Secure State Department Area.
8. Hillary Transmitted/Received Top Secret Classified Information.
9. Hillary Put Americans At Risk.
10. Hillary Maintained Plausible Deniability By Shielding Herself Via Her Lawyers.
11. Hillary Clearly Attempted to Avoid Scrutiny.

Oh, Hillary.  She didn’t realize that when Obama called her the “Most Qualified Candidate” at the convention, he meant that as an insult.  Why? Because it was painfully clear that she has no accomplishments to her name.  She cannot even tell the difference between a confidential email and a regular one, she cannot keep track of her Blackberry, and she admitted it to everyone.  Obama probably knew this would come out, but he was happy to humor the candidate he had beaten out for the presidency 8 years earlier.  Here’s Shapiro’s takeaway:

Here’s the bottom line: this is obviously criminal activity. The FBI’s decision not to recommend indictment was a total fraud; they hid behind the fig leaf that she didn’t “intend” to break the law, which was not required by the law. Even so, there is no way in hell that any other human being would be treated with such deference regarding the question of intent.

Will the Justice Department prosecute now that the public clearly sees that the FBI’s recommendation was total BS? Probably not, but the American people will now know without a shadow of a doubt that Crooked Hillary is both incompetent and guilty of criminal acts.  47% of America may somehow still vote for a woman like that, but it won’t be enough.  Not this time.

Source: The Daily Wire

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