BREAKING: Indictment Coming?…FBI Just Dropped HUGE News On Hillary

More foreboding news about the Clinton email scandal.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge obtained a statement from Rep. Mike Pompeo concerning the matter.

It looks like, instead of backing down, the FBI and law enforcement agencies are finding more evidence against the former Secretary of State.

And it doesn’t look good for her.

From The Political Insider:

As Rep. Mike Pompeo, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News:

“I can assure you the intelligence committee is working on determining the scope of any breaches that may have resulted from the improper handling of classified information, and the damage assessments that go with them. I think we all understand that we had classified information in channels that weren’t secure on Secretary Clinton’s home brew server and that risk was associated with that.”

The mishandling of classified information is a serious offense.

If that info got into wrong hands, say for instance terrorists or Wikileaks, the damage to our country could be catastrophic. There is evidence suggesting more than 22 top secret emails were sent using Hillary’s insecure private server.  That’s a lot of information to lose.

How the FBI proceeds will determine what happens to Hillary Clinton depends largely on the potential damage she caused.

We’re beyond the stage of “did she do something wrong.”  Now we’re looking at just how much trouble she’s in.

Source: The Political Insider

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