COVER-UP: Key Evidence DISAPPEARS In Alleged Clinton Crime…What Is Hillary HIDING?

Long confined to the darker reaches of the web, rumors about the mysterious death of Clinton aid Vince Foster are now going mainstream since his old boss is campaigning for president.

As the Federalist Papers Project notes:

Foster was the White House Counsel under President Bill Clinton who committed suicide at Fort Marcy Park along the Potomac River in July 1993. At least, that’s the official version.

The role that the Clintons may have played in Foster’s death has always been the subject of speculation.

What has gone missing from the National Archives are two FBI Agents’ reports of interviews they conducted about Hillary Clinton documenting the humiliation of Foster in front of White House aides by her – which they say corroborates to his suicide a week later.

The Daily Mail has been looking for the documents – which are supposed to be housed in the Archives, but nobody has been able to find them.

The Daily Mail’s circulation is massive, and not confined to the United Kingdom. It’s little wonder their repeated attempts to get hold of these files has been stymied.

The article continues:

This isn’t the first time documents relating to Bill and Hillary Clinton have gone missing from the Archives. In 2009, an external hard drive from the Clinton White House – containing confidential information – went missing. Officials offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the drive, but nothing ever turned up.

The archives said later they had a “backup drive” and that everyone could stop looking.

Oh, well then. Don’t worry, nothing to see here, Americans. Literally!

Source: Federalist Papers

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