Congress, FBI Reveal Damning Investigation On Criminal Democrat Coverup

During Obama’s time in office, all sorts of suspicious dealings were going on.

We know about how he used the Department of Justice to shakedown corporations for cash. That money was then sent to radical activist groups in a scheme that can only be called a slush fund.

But other democrat-support groups were up to no good. They were violating the law to line their pockets with cash.

One of those groups—already hated by millions of Americans—has been caught doing something incredibly despicable. But the FBI’s on to them.

From NOQ Report:

The FBI has requested documents from the Senate obtained from abortion providers across the nation, including Planned Parenthood.

These unredacted documents pertain to the sale of body parts from aborted preborn babies, signaling the FBI may be on the verge of investigating whether the providers were turning a profit…

“We, of course, applaud any action taken to follow the evidence to where it leads and to hold Planned Parenthood accountable,”Live Action President Lila Rose said. “The only thing that could hinder this investigation from leading to indictments of Planned Parenthood and the companies involved in the sale of fetal body parts is politics.”

CMP alleges Planned Parenthood was illegally profiting from the exchange of limbs and organs, and the House and Senate launched investigations into the non-profit’s practice.

It might come as a surprise to you that, after PP kills an unborn child, they can sell their body parts. There is nothing good about that sentence. But the law prevents them from making a profit off of this sale.

There is evidence, exposed by undercover video, that Planned Parenthood doctors and staff were making big bucks off the sale of mutilated baby parts.

It’s like something out of a horror movie, isn’t it? But it’s been going on all the time, in the United States, and undercover videos released to the nation were not enough to stop it.

The federal government is saying this was allowed to go on because of the failure of the DOJ in past administrations. That’s right, it seems like Obama’s Justice Department allowed this to happen, just like he allowed lots of things to happen.

Hopefully this investigation will finally take down the evil group known as Planned Parenthood. It might be the first step in ending abortion in the U.S. for good.

Source: NOQ Report

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