WHOOPS! What The FBI Just UNCOVERED Spells DOOM For Hillary…DESTROYS Her Lies!

Just when it seemed that the topic of Hillary Clinton’s vulnerable private email server was starting to fade from public view, a new revelation has just brought it back into the headlines.

Incredibly, the problem seems to have been even worse than previously reported. The scope of Hillary’s deception just got wider, and her opponents will be clamoring to expose her all over again. Too bad there’s a hitch.

Conservative Tribune reports:

The State Department said Friday that the FBI had uncovered at least 2,800 more emails that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton never turned over, even though she had claimed on several occasions that she had released them all months ago.

The FBI said it would begin releasing the emails in batches next month. However, only about 10 percent of them will be processed before the presidential election, because the agency doesn’t have the resources to vet before Nov. 8, The Washington Times reported. (…)

“This has been a very difficult and demanding job these days, and not a lot of fun,” said Marcia Berman, a Justice Department lawyer handling the Clinton cases.

That bizarre statement alone accidentally reveals a lot about the liberal mindset. One would assume that working at the Justice Department in any capacity would be “difficult and demanding;” countless jobs in the private sector certainly are, too. So what?

In an economy still riddled with unemployment, is it really so difficult to find individuals qualified to evaluate a few thousand emails over the course of a month or so? Or is the Justice Department simply stalling, to try to throw the election to Hillary Clinton?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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