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WHOA! Federal Judge Just Dropped The HAMMER On Hillary…Gives Her Until Monday To…
By Cheryl Chumley|September 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s campaign trail to the presidency just got a lot tougher.

That’s because a federal judge, frustrated by the continual documents’ dodge being played by the State Department over a Freedom of Information Act request initiated by a media outlet, issued a stark order that is going to paint the candidate in a poor light—as a politician who will go to great lengths to hide truths and act in a manner that’s most non-transparent.

Proud Conservative reported the news: “Judge Richard Leon ruled … in favor of the The Daily Caller News Foundation by rejecting the State Department’s motion to dismiss The DCNF’s [FOIA] lawsuit concerning production of the documents.”

What documents were sought? They have to do with required and recommended security training, briefings and courses tied to Clinton when she served as secretary of State. The FOIA request also sought documents about the same, as they related to her top State aides.

“The State Department has been unable to produce any records confirming that Clinton and her top aides received any mandatory annual security briefings about the proper handling of classified materials and the proper methods for conducting secure communications,” Proud Conservative wrote.

A fed-up Judge Leon said the State Department was obviously stalling on the documents, and that they have to provide some by September 26 and the remainder by October 10, or face legal repercussions.

“Judge Leon’s order,” said one of the attorneys for the news outlet, “made clear his frustration with the State Department’s continued obstruction of the FOIA process. State will either meet his deadline or face the consequences of failure.”

Source: Proud Conservative

Cheryl Chumley
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