BOOM! Federal Courts Just SLAMMED Obama…Third YUGE Loss In A Week!

It’s always good news when a judge goes against Barack Obama.

The third branch of government is vital to prevent legislative and executive authority from running out of control. Although they’ve often acted with impunity on many cases, they are a necessary element in protect American freedoms.

There’s been an on-going fight among Republicans and Democrats on the issue of voter registration.

It’s crucial that only eligible candidates can register to vote. That means law-abiding American citizens of voting age. Some states have laws that require voters to prove their citizenship. An additional step, sure, but it prevents voter fraud.

Of course the Democrats don’t like this so they took the matter to a Federal court. Whoops.

Via The Political Insider:

A Federal judge in Washington, D.C. just upheld the right of 3 states to require voters prove their citizenship before voting.

Judge Richard J. Leon said that while it may be an inconvenience to require proof of citizenship, and voter registration drives may have to do more work to get folks signed up, it’s not an insurmountable burden — and certainly less so than trying to explain Obamacare.

“The organizational plaintiffs and their members will undoubtedly have to expend some additional time and effort to help individuals,” Judge Leon wrote. “But let’s be candid: doing so pales in comparison to explaining to the average citizen how the [Affordable Care Act] or tax code works!”

Wow, do we have a critic of Obamacare sitting on the bench? That kind of slam, in addition to a verdict that erodes a liberal agenda, must ruffle Obama’s feathers.

The left try to distort voter ID laws as being racist. But how is requiring someone to prove their a US citizen racist? There are white, black, Hispanic, Asian Americans who can vote and have the documents to prove it. These kinds of laws only prevent non-citizens from trying to vote, something they’re not allowed to do anyway.

Now, if I was a crazy conspiracy theorist, I’d say the Democrats want to let undocumented, illegal immigrants to vote in US elections. But that would be insane right? The Democrats aren’t so corrupted they’d violate the very principles upon which this country was founded.

Wait a minute… they are.

Let’s all raise a glass to Judge Leon for his verdict and biting criticism. We need more judges like him.

Source: The Political Insider

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