Federal Judge Just HUMILIATED Obama and Put Another Nail In Obamacare’s Coffin…THIS Is Awesome!

The Republicans have gone another step closer to winning what could be a historic lawsuit.

This win has been a long time coming and has been celebrated by the Republicans as being a big win for them and the citizens of America.

The House Speaker, Paul Ryan even called it as a historic win “for the Constitution and the American people.”

Despite these large wins, the White House is still putting up a strong front, saying that they believe they will prevail on the issue when all is said and done.

The LA Times has more…

House Republicans won Round 2 in a potentially historic lawsuit Thursday when a federal judge declared the Obama administration was unconstitutionally spending money to subsidize health insurers without obtaining an appropriation from Congress.

Last year, U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer broke new ground by ruling the GOP-controlled House of  Representatives had legal standing to sue the president over how he was enforcing his signature healthcare law.

On Thursday, she ruled the administration is violating a provision of the law by paying promised reimbursements to health insurers who provide coverage at reduced costs to low-income Americans.

In other words, Obama can’t pay insurers money that Congress never authorized him to spend. While this seems pretty self-evident, many legal experts question whether the suit can ultimately prevail.

Source: LA Times

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