Federal Prosecutor Calls For New Investigation…”Hillary Clinton Committed…”

The big question in the public’s mind during the current presidential campaigning season, at least among conservatives, seems to be “what lie has Hillary told today?”

There is more information coming forward about Hillary’s recent brush with justice and the federal investigators are not quite ready to let bygones be bygones. Earlier this year,  FBI Director James Comey told us in a press conference he believed Hillary didn’t have any malicious intentions in her handling of certain ‘sensitive’ emails that she had on her private servers but now, we learn, they want to investigate her for a possible ‘obstruction of justice’ charge.

We all remember watching the news stories, this past summer, about the non-secured email servers, Hillary’s denials of wrongdoing, her obfuscation and her obvious attempt at acting “ignorant” about things she should have had first hand knowledge of!

In a recent Washington Post article it was reported:

 Hillary Clinton’s aides may have obstructed justice by having her emails deleted, the top investigator for the U.S. House charged Tuesday in a letter asking the federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., to probe the matter.

The computer team Mrs. Clinton hired erased tens of thousands of her emails, even though they were subject to a subpoena and preservation order from Congress, according to the FBI’s investigative notes, some of which were released last week.

It’s about time, actually way past time, Americans had the truth about this whole issue and some of these elitists in Washington DC had their feet held to the fire. Hillary, and indeed the vast majority of democrats usually get a ‘free pass’ when caught red handed, doing something, we know, and we know they know, is illegal. For some reason illegal and immoral don’t  seem to be part of their vocabulary or mindset anymore. If it ever was!

There needs to be some honesty and integrity infused back into American politics and a good way to start would be to have Hillary in an orange jumpsuit looking through the bars of a prison cell!

Source: Independent Journal Review


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