WHOA! Feds Go FULL FASCIST ON Media…What Are They Are Trying To Hide?

We at the Patrol Journal have written about our support for the US Border Patrol. These hard working men and women fight an often losing battle to protect our national security by preventing illegal immigrants, drug dealers, and terrorists into our country. Despite all their hard work, however, they have a president who all but disrupts their efforts to keep America safe.

As the border police fight to prevent illegal entry, federal agents do the opposite. They look the other way as illegals come in and rarely deport the ones they catch. This all thanks to Obama, who directly informs their procedures. He is encouraging an influx of illegal immigrants into America, a policy that has allowed ISIS agents to infiltrate our nation.

Most recently we have seen additional efforts on the part of federal agents to suppress the truth of this arrangement. Reporters, who had clearance to video a region of the border, were arrested by feds and detained, their equipment and weapons confiscated. Clearly, this was an attempt to prevent the facts from reaching the public.

From Infowars:

Despite previously getting approval from both border patrol and law enforcement to be in the area, federal wildlife officers – known to be Obama’s attack dogs on the border – ordered the crew to put their hands up after encountering them filming a report.

After being questioned for hours, Biggs and Zimmermann were told by federal officers that they would need to pay $230 each in order to receive their firearms back. The trio were also charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing and threatened with felony charges if they returned to the area.

These reporters have been known to expose Obama’s attempts at encouraging immigrant smuggling. They were in the area to capture more footage and provide more coverage into this situation. And even though border patrol okayed their visit, wildlife officers arrested them. Since when is it wildlife officers’ job to persecute reporters? Their job is to look into the welfare of wildlife, not violate the First Amendment.

According to Rio Grande Valley border patrol, this has never happened before. But don’t be surprised to see more of it in the coming months, as out-going Obama pushes harder for his destructive immigration policies to be put into action.

Source: Infowars

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