Feinstein Enrages Democrats After Shock Declaration: “I Believe Trump Can…

Breaking news: The Democratic Party is vehemently opposed to President Donald Trump.

Alright, that’s not really news. We just wanted to play MSNBC for a moment and pretend an obvious statement fit the criteria of being a major story. Heading back to reality, that’s a crystal clear statement that’s impossible to refute.

While Democrats are expected to oppose Republicans – and vice versa – it’s risen to the level of absurdity in the Trump era.

It’s to the point that it resembles blind hatred as opposed to political differences, and that’s an incredibly bad look not only for the Democratic Party, but for our nation as a whole.

So why all the hate against Trump? Reasons vary, and we can fill a book up with the various theories, but it can be boiled down to a pretty simple point.

Trump’s promises to ‘drain the swamp’ has scared the daylights out of career politicians and entrenched members of the government, and the solution they’ve come up with is to be as anti-Trump as possible.

Could there possibly be a softening of the ranks afoot?

As shared by The Resurgent, we’ll call it a maybe.  

In what SFGate called a “political love-fest,” Feinstein spoke to a sold-out Herbst Theater crowd for an hour-long “conversation” with former Rep. Ellen Tauscher. The 850 people in attendance paid to hear liberal sweet-nothings whispered in their ears. And then, toward the end, Feinstein hurled a grenade.

“The question is whether he can learn and change,” Feinstein told the crowd at the Commonwealth Club event. “If so, I believe he can be a good president.”

That didn’t go over too swimmingly with the Leftists in attendance, so Feinstein quickly tried to hedge her remarks.  

Stunned silence, followed by “No’s,” hisses, and scattered boos.

“We’ll have to see if he can forget himself enough and have the type of empathy and direction the country needs,” she said.

Feinstein’s comments received a lot of play, and she has since released a statement to ‘clarify’ her stance on Trump.

Nonetheless, her remarks were telling. The optimist inside of us says we can view it as a small glimmer of hope.

The anti-Trump stance displayed by Democratic leadership does absolutely nothing to benefit the nation as a whole. Zero.

Instead, it leads to more problems. Democrats get their side riled up by portraying Trump as the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to our country, and the Right’s resolve becomes stronger as a result.

The end result? A whole lot of bickering, and not a lot of solutions.

While no one expects Democrats to embrace Trump with open arms, it’s not asking too much for them to focus their efforts elsewhere.

Have a problem with an item on Trump’s agenda? That’s fine. The solution is to go ahead and do your job, which entails putting your nose to the grindstone and coming up with an alternative.  

Who knows, you may even come up with an actual solution to a vexing problem!

It’s pretty comical that it even needs to be pointed out. If Democrats would spend a little more time doing their jobs as opposed to lighting their hair on fire whenever a camera is around, they may find that people outside of the liberal echo chamber would actually take them seriously.

So is that where Feinstein was going with her remarks? Perhaps. To really read between the lines, maybe it was a tiny trial balloon to see how a softening of the stance against Trump will play out with the base.

If that’s the case, now is the time to do it. The nation’s attention is focused on Harvey, and it’s one of those rare moments where divisiveness is going out the window – at least for the most part.

Summer will be a memory and Congress will be back in session before we know it. How about if everyone gets back to work with a new perspective on things?

That’s a pretty common occurrence when average folks go on vacation. Is it too much to ask the same for members of Congress?

It really shouldn’t be. Having the current state of relations between the opposite sides akin to what would happen if the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s got together for a picnic simply doesn’t work.  

It’s high time for members of Congress to start acting like grownups and lead by example. Consider the month of August a time-out. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that we won’t continue to feel as if they need to sit in the corner until they promise to have a better attitude.
Source: The Resurgent

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