After Slashing Conservative, Look Which Firebrand ‘The View’ Is Hiring—Whoopi’s Speechless

The View is pretty entertaining, but only because they have a conservative that puts liberals in their place when the Hollywood henhouse argues for socialism in America.

They hope by putting a conservative on their bench that a few average Americans might tune in, but they keep losing the best part of their show when conservatives get pushed out.

Jedediah Bila just got pressured out since she gloriously brought the heat to Hillary. “Tone deaf?” Boom:

But their rumored pick to fill the conservative gap has the hosts thinking twice.

From Daily Wire:

Former Fox News co-host and daughter of Senator John McCain (AZ-R), Meghan McCain is being floated as the next conservative female voice to take over at ABC’s The View.

As reported by The Daily Wire on Monday, the show comprised of insufferable feminists rid themselves of their only saving grace, conservative co-host Jedediah Bila, reportedly due to her tough questioning of guest and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Soon following the ouster of Bila, CNN reported on Monday that McCain was in the “late stages” of finalizing a deal with ABC to become the newest panelist…

McCain, who’s always outspoken, is socially liberal, hawkish on foreign policy and falls somewhere on the Right regarding most other domestic/fiscal issues. So while she’s not a leftist Feminist Clone by any means, she’s not ultra-right-wing, either.

Some of you might remember Meghan McCain from back in 2008, when she rode her dad’s coattails into the limelight. She spent much of that time contradicting her father, no doubt casting water on his chances of beating Obama.

Now she is pretending to be a conservative voice, despite her obviously liberal views. So it makes sense that a show as tone-deaf and out-of-touch as The View would want to pick her as their token conservative.

The fact they want to pick a moderate liberal as their conservative shows you how lost liberal media is. They are so full of bile and hate for Trump and republicans, that they can’t even share a stage with them. Meanwhile, more and more people lose faith with the left, as Trump continues to succeed.

It’s all very entertaining.

I hope The View gets their token conservative to snipe at and complain over. It’s not like it’s going to help them any.

Source: Daily Wire

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