FIRED! You Won’t Believe Who Just Lost Their Job…Illegals Are FREAKING OUT!

Seemingly every move President Trump makes is capable of causing a frenzy on the Left — even when their hero, Barack Obama, did the same thing.

There is no better example than Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban,” which isn’t a “Muslim ban,” of course.

Trump’s executive order on immigrants milking the system has driven liberals into a panic.

Obama issued similar orders in his time, pausing the influx of immigrants and refugees from similar or even identical countries where terrorists hail from. Yet there were no mass protests at American airports over that…

Even when Trump does something as matter of fact of replacing one official with another who more closely adheres to his policies gets turned into some kind of unprecedented outrage.

Following closely on the heels of the firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, the Trump administration also replaced the Acting Director of Immigration Enforcement this week:

Ragsdale was replaced by Thomas Homan, ICE’s executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations since 2013.

“I am confident that he will continue to serve as a strong, effective leader for the men and women of ICE,” John Kelly, the secretary of Homeland Security, said in a brief statement.

ICE said late Monday that Ragsdale remains in his previous, full-time position as deputy director.

The details of this decision haven’t been revealed, but the obvious conclusion is that Ragsdale wasn’t a good fit with Trump’s game-changing policies regarding refugees, illegal aliens and other border concerns.

What we do know is that Homan is a former New York police officer and U.S. Border Patrol agent, with 30 years of experience in immigration enforcement. He was also deputy assistant director of ICE for investigations before becoming deputy director.

That sounds like just the kind of individual needed to oversee immigration enforcement in this particularly volatile time.

Source: NBC News

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