Firefighters Saves Pigs From Blaze—PETA Enraged By The Farm’s ‘Thank You’ Gift

Irony is a fickle beast, and it rears its head in extraordinary fashion at times. This tale falls into that category.

An amazing story has been making the rounds about some brave firefighters that went above and beyond the call of duty to rescue some farm animals from a fire.

The grateful farm manager wanted to do something extra special to thank them for their bravery and service, and she came up with something that the firefighters absolutely loved.

Louder with Crowder shares the details.

Here’s what happened: pre-bacon piglets rescued by firefighters were later consumed by said firefighters. That, Simba, is the circle of life:

The 18 piglets and two sows survived the fire in Wiltshire in February, which saw 60 tonnes of hay catch fire.

In a controversial move, farm manager Rachel Rivers thanked the Pewsey fire team by giving them sausages.

She said: “I’m sure vegetarians will hate this.” The firefighters however said the bangers were “fantastic”.

Firefighters Eat Rescued Piglets

PETA got wind of the tale, and the group was none too pleased.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) said the piglets were “no better off” for escaping the fire.

The animals were given a six-month stay of execution when they were rescued from the farm at Milton Lilbourne.

“I gave those animals the best quality of life I could ever give until the time they go to slaughter and they go into the food chain,” she said.

The delighted firefighters said the sausages were “highly recommended” and thanked the farmer “for her generosity”.

“We can tell no porkies, the sausages were fantastic,” a spokesman said on Tuesday

So there you have it. The piglets were saved, and they were now free to fulfill their life’s destiny.

The fact that their destiny revolves around being cooked in any number of ways just happens to be an occupational hazard.

You would assume that even members of PETA know how challenging it can be to find meaningful employment at times. Despite their fits of rage, a pig’s gotta do what a pig’s gotta do. 

Source: Louder with Crowder

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