Media Humiliated In Trump Fish-Feeding Fiasco – Look What They Left Out In Deceitful Edit

President Trump is currently traveling through Asia, visiting with the leaders of many of our allies.

Important topics have been discussed, most notably continued actions against the rogue nation of North Korea. In between such events there have been photo ops, ceremonies, and other colorful interactions.

Of course, even these simple interactions have been distorted by liberals and the mainstream media.

President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stopped by a koi pound to offer the fish some food. It was a benign event, something that showcased some of Japan’s beautiful animal life. But the liberal media deliberately edited the footage to smear Trump.

From NY Mag:

During a stop on his 12-day trip to Asia, Trump and Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe fed the koi carp of Akasaka Palace. At first, the two men spooned food into the pond a few pellets at a time, but eventually, both leaders dumped their boxes into the pond. First Abe and then, likely taking his lead from the prime minister, Trump.

If you didn’t watch the full clip, or only got your news from certain Twitter circles, you’d be likely to believe that Trump was the only one to dump his box of food. And sure, the picture of Trump appearing to lose patience with the slower feeding technique makes for a good meme, but it’s not the whole picture.

Apparently, these liberals are suddenly experts at feeding koi. Fake news outlet CNN even edited the video of the moment, cutting out the footage of Abe dumping the feed into the pond just seconds earlier. Of course, the altered footage spread like wildfire online.

Liberals went crazy, attacking the President. Seconds earlier they knew nothing about koi carp, how they should be fed, or anything related to the proper care of exotic fish. They were just told by CNN that Trump hurt the fish by doing this and they were off!

This is why we say—over and over again—that the liberal media is fake news. They are not even pretending to be honest anymore. Look at the video we posted at the top. Clearly Abe dumped the feed, just like Trump. Trump was simply following his lead. Yet the ugly, dishonest, pathetic liberal media deliberately edited the video to smear Trump.

Can they get any more dishonest?

These are the same people who, earlier in the year, edited video to make it look like Trump ignored a little boy in a wheelchair. They cut out the part where Trump stopped at the boy first, and spent the most time with him.

What else can be said about a group of people like this? They call themselves journalists? They call themselves news casters? They are as dishonest as the Democratic politicians they bow to.

Why should anyone support them with clicks or cash?

Source: NY Mag

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