UNEARTHED: Trump Slammed Hillary In 2000…You Won’t BELIEVE Why!

After the shooting last week at a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL, people have been looking into the presidential candidates’ support for LGBT communities.

Criticism has arisen that the Democrats, staunch apologists for Muslim communities, are quick to defend and protect Muslim Americans. They refuse to acknowledge that violence and hate towards gay Americans is being preached from mosques across American.

Although they claim to be supporters for gay rights, they protect those that mean them harm.

This has caused people to look at GOP candidate Donald Trump in a different light. As a businessman who’s worked in show business, he has partnered with people of all backgrounds.

Going back decades, he has shown support and consideration for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation.


The Gateway Pundit has brought to light a 2000 interview from the gay Advocate magazine.  This was during Trump’s first potential bid for president. In it he expresses a support for homosexual Americans rarely seen among politicians, even Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Why should gays and lesbians be interested in you as a presidential candidate?

I grew up in New York City, a town with different races, religions, and peoples. It breeds tolerance. In all truth, I don’t care whether or not a person is gay. I judge people based on their capability, honesty, and merit. Being in the entertainment business — that is, owning casinos and … several large beauty pageants — I’ve worked with many gay people. I have met some tough, talented, capable, terrific people.

From the interview we see the same man running for president today, one that values integrity, ability and honesty over someone’s race, religion or sexual orientation. As the left crows on and on about “diversity” and “equality” their actions and rhetoric appear all but against those tenants. Meanwhile, Trump has proven in his businesses that he truly values people on a more fundamental level.

You may have your own opinions about the gay and lesbian communities in the U.S., but we all agree they deserve to live in this country, free from the fear of being attacked or killed. The Democrats’ pathetic policies have opened the door for more radical terrorism to plague all Americans, especially those viewed as unacceptable by  terrorists.

For years we’ve seen that Trump believes inall  Americans and will support and protect them. He has proven it with actions more than words. The Clinton Foundation only has words; they pretend to support minorities and LGBT groups while they take money from countries that oppress them.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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