Ford Makes HUGE Announcement…Proves Trump Was Right All Along

One of the most notable quotes from Donald Trump’s campaign announcement was his decrying of Ford Motors.

He condemned the company–and other like it–who are moving jobs out of America to foreign countries like Mexico. It is a reality that millions of jobs have been moved overseas because it’s too expensive to do business in America.

Although left-wing liberals have criticized Trump’s comments, the evidence proves otherwise.

Recently the Wall Street Journal reported Ford’s intent on moving more production jobs into Mexico. As Conservative Tribune reports:

“Ford planned to build a new assembly plant in Mexico in order to produce 500,000 more vehicles in Mexico than it currently does. Last year Ford’s Mexican output was 433,000 vehicles, which translates to about 14 percent of its total production in North America.”

It’s nothing new. Automakers like BMW, General Motors, Volkswagen, and Kia have plants in Mexico. As labor unions in America demand higher wages, it will only become more prevalent for companies to deprive them of work. Which, of course, hurts the overall U.S. economy as jobs are lost and money flows out of the country.

“This shift is only expected to grow because the United Auto Workers labor union recently struck a deal to increase wages for U.S. factory workers, making domestic production just that much more cost-prohibitive.

As wages in the U.S. go up, Mexican wages stay the same, and it therefore becomes even cheaper to do business with Mexican factory workers as opposed to American laborers.” (CW)

The UAW seems stupidly blind to the fact their demands result in less jobs for Americans.

In an age where businesses shut down factories overnight and show little regard for the American worker, how could the unions act so foolishly? It seems like they’re encouraging it.

Trump has been adamant in his campaign about this disgusting trend, despite his critics. In his announcement speech, he even laid out a plan to put a stop to it. Few candidates have been as frank.

Time will tell, though, how much this trend will hurt the U.S. economy and if the next President will be able to curtail it at all.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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