BREAKING: Former Trump Opponent BACKS Him…Huge GOP Figure Gets On The TRUMP TRAIN!

Yet another one-time rival of Donald Trump is now inching closer to endorsing him.

After dropping out of the race, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina endorsed Ted Cruz, but is sounding a lot more pro-Trump than ever before, as the Independent Journal Review reports:

Fiorina has attacked Trump’s relationship with the Clintons, his character after Mike Tyson endorsed him, and she even said she’s “horrified” by him.

Now, just 55 days before election day, Carly Fiorina has finally expressed publicly her support for her party’s nominee.

According to the Washington State Republican Party’s Twitter account, Fiorina reportedly told members at their fall dinner:

“We must have President Trump — we can’t have President Clinton.”

On social media, Fiorina has so far limited herself to bashing Clinton rather than praising Donald Trump. Her eventual endorsement, if it comes, won’t exactly be a game changer — and Fiorina is likely weighing the pros and cons of backing the controversial GOP nominee. After all, she likely wants to run for that job again in the future.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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