FOX Host Undergoes MAJOR Surgery, Reveals Ongoing Health Struggles…He Needs Our Prayers!

It seems that the rash of health and personal problems among FOX News on-air talent continues.

Over the past several months the channel has been rocked by the news of Andrea Tanteros’s sudden departure, Stacy Dash’s rape, and John Stossal’s battle against cancer.

Now we are learning of another FOX figure’s health battles and he needs out prayers.

Anyone who has watched Fox News over the last few decades is familiar with the sight of Neil Cavuto. He is a staunch conservative voice, who has not been afraid to confront liberal bullies and their ideology. His knowledge of the financial world has made him a fixture on Fox Business and has brought insight to millions of viewers.

Few of you may know about his on-going physical battles. Ever the fighter, he has bravely overcome cancer and daily struggles with multiple sclerosis. Now he’s taken some time off the air to recover after major open-heart surgery.

There are not many people who can overcome just one of those maladies. But Neil is strong and isn’t letting them get him down. By all reports he is recovering very well from surgery and will be back on air soon.

Via Political Insider:

 “Neil Cavuto had open heart surgery yesterday and came through it with flying colors,” a Fox News spokesperson said in a statement to PEOPLE. “Knowing Neil, he’ll be back as soon as he can, but he is slated to return to hosting his three programs on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network later this year. Everyone here is wishing him a speedy recovery.”

With the kind of responsibilities a man like him has, it would be easy to just throw in the towel. But for years he has soldiered on, taking each new challenge in stride. Despite his physical challenges he has continued to be a fixture on air, helping Fox News to become a major outlet of conservative news and information.

As Neil himself said:

“So I take steroids, and weekly injections, and I exercise my legs a great deal. A big and common fear with this disease is that eventually you lose use of your legs. In fact, my neurologist is surprised I haven’t already.”

Cavuto added, “Having had cancer right before by MS diagnosis, I can honestly say MS is worse. There’s no endgame here, no cure here, no concoction of chemotherapy or radiation that could make it all go away here.” 

All our thoughts and prayers go out for Neil for his speedy recovery. Hopefully he’ll be back soon, fighting the good fight!

Source: Political Insider

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