BOOM! FOX News Star Drops Bomb On Trump Haters…”Babies and Whiners”

The writing is certainly on the wall regarding the GOP establishment.

For months they’ve colluded to prevent a Trump nomination.

As every contender dropped out, due to a whopping lack of support, they’ve continued to scheme, desperate to find a way to stop the Trump train.

Yet here we are, a few months from the Republican Convention, with Trump as the only contender left.

You’d think the rest of the party would get on board, but there are still Republicans resisting.

Neil Cavuto, host on Fox News and Fox Business, had some sobering words for these few detractors.

Via Breitbart:

Cavuto said, [relevant remarks being around 2:00] “I have no horse in this race. Donald trump doesn’t come on this show, hates me, whatever. That’s fine. … Now, what I’m saying though is, these guys are all sounding like babies and whiners. They didn’t win. I understand that. The type of candidate they wanted to win didn’t win. I understand that. But, he did get the overwhelming vote. He put this thing to bed and killed them all. So you might not like the consequences, but just to walk out and have a snit fit, no pun intended, sounds to me to be not very adult-like.”

He added, “I’m just saying, collectively, this is not a political statement, but he won. He won. Fair and square he won. Time to move on.”

If Cavuto, who can’t be called a Trump supporter, is making this statement, everyone on the conservative ticket ought to listen. It’s obvious. Trump won. If we want a conservative win in November, the GOP has to bind together.

Source: Breitbart

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