FOX News UNLOADS On Hillary! Here’s Why Terrorist’s Father REALLY Appeared Behind Her…

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld is known for his sometimes twisted sense of humor, but his comments on that “surprise guest” who turned up at one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign stops point to an issue that’s no laughing matter.

“In the world of the Taliban, you don’t want to be a stone’s throw from anyone, especially if you’re a woman,” quipped Gutfeld, talking about the bizarre revelation that the father of the Orlando nightclub mass murderer was standing behind Hillary as she spoke in Kissimmee, Florida:

As Conservative Tribune reports, Gutfeld was wondering how “the pro-Taliban, anti-gay [Seddique] Mateen could have ended up so close to Clinton without the Secret Service doing something about it.”

Gutfeld went on to say that Clinton continually suffers from a “lax security disorder” because everything in her life seems to be wide open — except her own personal life, that is.

“Everything but her own privacy is an open door and priorities seem as skewed as her delightful bark,” he stated.

If the parent of a school shooter showed up at a Trump rally, the media would never stop talking about how terrible this was.

We all know about the media’s double standards. They’re making sure Americans stay focused on Donald Trump’s latest “gaffes” instead of Hillary Clinton’s strange, up close and personal association with Islamic radicals.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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