Al Franken Drops An A-Bomb On The Democrats…He Just Proved They’re DONE – For Good!

Who is the least funny performer ever to appear on Saturday Night Live? That’s a challenging question. The show has been on the air for decades and had dozens of cast members. Some seasons of the show are so spectacularly bad that people still talk about them years later.

Al Franken certainly has to rank among the most unpopular “stars” in the program’s long history. Besides being unfunny, he came across as angry and unlikeable. It was a shock when he somehow managed to finesse that stint on TV into a successful campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Now, a story in National Journal suggests that Franken will be setting his sights on the White House in the near future:

Al Franken isn’t a punch line in the Sen­ate any­more. He’s emerged as one of the Demo­crats’ most ag­gress­ive and ef­fect­ive ques­tion­ers of Pres­id­ent Trump’s Cab­in­et nom­in­ees. He’s gen­er­ated nu­mer­ous made-for-TV clips as one of the few Demo­crats will­ing to go full-bore against his party’s top tar­gets—Jeff Ses­sions, Tom Price, and Betsy De­Vos. He’s fi­nally show­ing some per­son­al­ity in the Sen­ate, punc­tu­ated by his laugh-out-loud ex­change with En­ergy Sec­ret­ary-des­ig­nate Rick Perry. And he’ll be one of nine Demo­crats on the Ju­di­ciary Com­mit­tee ques­tion­ing Trump’s Su­preme Court nom­in­ee, Neil Gor­such. This is Al Franken’s mo­ment in the spot­light, and if he chooses, he could par­lay his good for­tune in­to a bid for the pres­id­ency in 2020.

To be sure, Franken, 65, may not be the Demo­crats’ strongest can­did­ate in the gen­er­al elec­tion. His deeply lib­er­al polit­ics and long-stand­ing dis­missive­ness of Re­pub­lic­ans turn off many voters in the middle. But with Demo­crats look­ing for strident op­pos­i­tion to Trump in the early days of his pres­id­ency, they’re prob­ably not go­ing to be in a prag­mat­ic mood in the primar­ies.

If Franken is one of their best options, then clearly the Democrats are in deep, deep trouble.  Obama has started something that is likely to end the party in complete shambles, and Franken’s futile fights against Trump in the opening days of his administrations may be their last gasps:

Indeed, signs such as the coming publication of his memoir indicated that Franken is trying to raise his public profile to make himself better known beyond his own state of Minnesota and the Beltway.

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Should he seriously challenge Trump, the Democrats will have at least one dilemma on their hands: Having claimed Trump was just a “reality TV star” and therefore not worthy of the White House, how will they change their tune when a failed comedian runs for president on their side?

Source: National Journal

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