Latest Fundraising Numbers Are In…Reveals THE Big Difference Between Trump And Clinton!

The strength of a campaign can be seen in its donations. If you can get people to support you with their checkbooks, they’ll gladly support you with a vote.

So when you look at who is funding the current presidential campaigns, it gives you a clear picture of the kind of people backing the candidates.

It’s been said that Hillary Clinton is getting the support of Wall Street, super PACs, elitists in Hollywood, and other 1 percenters. It doesn’t really connect with her image as a “for-the-people” politician.

On the other hand, Trump has been enjoying a different kind of success. A success that will most certainly determine the election.

From Western Journalism:

Campaign finance filings show that in terms of donations, the battle for the White House pits Republican Donald Trump and an unprecedented array of small donors against Democrat Hillary Clinton and her array of Wall Street firms and super PACs…

As Trump comes from behind, he does so on the strength of small donors, not large ones. In reporting on the donations of less than $200 given by individuals, The Hill noted that Democratic candidates usually lead Republicans in terms of these so-called unitemized donations.

However, in August, as polls showed Trump climbing from a deficit to running neck-and-neck with Clinton in some polls and leading her in others, Trump won the battle for small donors.

We all remember the 2008 election, where Barack Obama managed to inspire a grassroots movement through small donations. He was able to motivate regular Americans to donate consistently to his campaign.

That generated momentum that swept him into office.

Large dollar donations from big donors may provide cash for ads, but they don’t account for more votes. Hillary is enjoying money from special interests, who will undoubtedly want favors in return.

Trump, though, is getting cash from actual American citizens, people who believe in his message and will turn out to vote come November. He has nobody to bow to, besides the American people.

Something tells me Hillary’s big cash expenses won’t be enough to win her this election.

Source: Western Journalism

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