FURY At Leaked DNC Emails…What They Say About Latinos Has Donald Trump SMILING!

Numerous shocking revelations are being discovered from the DNCLeaks.

The 20,000 emails and attachments released by WikiLeaks have revealed a political party that lies, manipulates the press, and attacks their own leaders.

This has all but destroyed the faith of many Bernie Sanders supporters. After learning the Democrats were trying to sabotage his campaign, they stormed the Democratic National Convention, protesting and causing disruptions during the event.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. The Democrats had a spreadsheet listing their game plan to discredit Donald Trump, outlining the kind of lies they would use to undermine the GOP candidate.

But perhaps worst of all were their treatment of Hispanic Americans. At a time when race relations among Americans can’t get any worse, you’d think our leaders would be finding ways to unite all peoples. You’d think the Democrats–of all people–would regard minorities with respect in order to garner their support.

But yet again, we learn the DNC is full of hypocrites, who only regard people as commodities to exploit.

From Clash Daily:

If you’re Hispanic and you’re a Democrat, how do you feel about being referred to as ‘Taco Bowl Engagement’ for their outreach project?

It seems like Hillary doesn’t really care about Latinos — only their votes.

In an email that discussed a script for an ad to appeal to Hispanic voters, a DNC leader referred to it as “taco bowl engagement.” He flippantly insulted an entire group of Americans, while discussing how Trump is the enemy. How ironic is that?

The backlash across social media is only beginning. Apparently the millions of respectable, hard-working, Latinos don’t like to be referred to as “taco bowl.”

This is more proof that the Democrats are being led by white, arrogant hypocrites. They try trash Trump, branding him as racist. Yet their own internal discusses spew the worst kind of insulting dialogue.

Who are the real racists here?

Source: Clash Daily

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