When Bernie Sanders ENDORSED Hillary, I Bet He Never Expected THIS – WOW!

They’re “feeling the burn,” that’s for sure. Bernie Sanders’ army of rabidly loyal followers are devastated by what they see as their hero’s betrayal, with his endorsement of his rival Hillary Clinton.

Sanders’ millions of fans claim to hate “politics as usual.” To them, Bernie was the anti-Hillary. Now what will these disillusioned voters do?

The Daily Caller reports on the reaction from Bernie’s followers on Twitter, who called him a “sell out” and resorted to foul language to express their fury and disappointment:

“Bernie Sanders looks like he’d rather be dead than give a speech endorsing Hillary Clinton”

“I actually feel sick watching Bernie endorse Hillary”

“How can Bernie rant against corporate America, money in politics, and the rest and then endorse Hillary? Fraud.”

The question is: Now what? There’s some evidence that these voters will now switch their allegiance to Donald Trump, who they view as another anti-establishment force. Others may very well sit out the election altogether. It’s still too early to tell whether or not Sanders’ endorsement will hurt or help Hillary.

Imagine how this guy feels!


Source: The Daily Caller

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