Gay Muslim Goes Public With SHOCK Claim…HUMILIATES Obama! – BOOM

Ever since the massacre in Orlando, there has been no end of argument from the right and left.

The liberals want to blame the killing spree on guns and a generic idea of “hate.” They refuse to acknowledge that Islam’s dangerous stance against homosexuality was the impetuous for Omar Mateen’s act of terrorism.

Obama has even gone as far as defend the term “radical Islam” saying it does not properly identify the problem. Don’t worry Obama, we know whose side you’re on. And it’s not the America people’s.

Perhaps it take the testimony of an actual homosexual to set the record straight.

From Allen B West:

In an op-ed for Heat Street, a gay ex-Muslim penned a letter to the American public, urging us to think twice about Obama’s rhetoric. He writes:  I am here to recruit you to fight against Islamic bigotry. I don’t want you to be silent anymore. I want you to shout NO to Islamic ideology.

I am now an ex-“moose” (a preferred term for ex-Muslims), sissy faggot who is ringing the warning bell. I am saddened but not surprised by the Orlando Massacre. I am not surprised because I know very well the hateful rhetoric that was behind it, (i.e., the toxic Islamic ideology).

Back in my native country, Pakistan—when I was not this fabulous—I was a scared little boy. I was raped, tortured and beaten by men like Omar Mateen and Farrokh Sekaleshfar because I was a homosexual and because Islam needed to be saved from dirty animals like me.”

The writer goes on to talk about the Quran’s assessment of homosexuals and its call punish them. There can be no question about radical Islam’s war on gay Americans. This is a former Muslim, now a proud American, who is testifying to the horrible treatment he received at the hands of Muslims.

Of course the president will ignore this story, as he does all sound logic. But we don’t have to. Be sure to share with your family and friends the real cause of the Orlando shootings.

Source: Allen B West

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