Military Revolt! General Just Made A SHOCKING Demand…Has Hillary Shaking In Her Boots!

The Democrats have never been on good terms with the military.

The anti-establishment attitude of the ’60s is still alive among many liberals, the irony being they can spout their ideals freely because of the dedication of our soldiers. Obama has shown little regard to our men and women in uniform and that has been often echoed in his potential successor, Hillary Clinton.

It will come as no surprise, then, to see a military leader speaking out against the would-be president. A retired general, who served George W. Bush, has openly called for Hillary’s indictment. And for good reason.

From Conservative Tribune:

A retired general who was George W. Bush’s undersecretary of defense for intelligence says that Hillary Clinton must be indicted after the names of CIA-protected agents were found on her private email server.

In an interview with Breitbart News Radio, retired Army Gen. Jerry Boykin said that “lives have been endangered” by Clinton’s irresponsibility, which should be “punishable by jail time.”

“What Hillary Clinton has done, I can tell you, it is … punishable by jail time. I think ultimately she’s going be indicted. She has to be. This cannot stand,” Boykin said during the Saturday interview.

We know Hillary’s email scandal will not go away. She flagrantly broke the law in order to use her own, insecure, private email server.

We know she did this to prevent the federal government from looking into her less-than-legal dealings as Secretary of State. We also know this unprotected server was hacked by many individuals.

The leaking of CIA-protected agents is a serious offense. Those individuals could be working on sensitive missions all over the world. The revelation of their identities to foreign powers will not only jeopardize their own lives, but the security of our country.

It is yet another sign that Clinton broke the law time and again. She was an irresponsible SoS and will be a disastrous president.

Let’s hope the Fed’s put her away for good.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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