GENIUS! Limbaugh’s Latest Lightning Bolt TOASTS Liberals…His Best EVER!

Broadcaster Rush Limbaugh has seen a number of presidents come and go. Some have courted his approval, while others — especially Bill Clinton and Barack Obama — have denounced him by name.

After almost thirty years as “America’s anchorman,” Limbaugh is uniquely qualified to comment on the passing political scene, especially when the topic concerns the highest office in the land.

One reason Limbaugh is worth every penny of his multi-million dollar contracts, and remains the nation’s most popular talk radio host, is his uncanny ability to connect dots that no one else can or will, and express his observations in the most memorable way.

So while pretty much everyone in the mainstream media suddenly seemed to develop a “strange new respect” for President Trump following his resounding Tuesday night address to Congress (and the world), Limbaugh looked at the event from a different perspective: That of Dawn, who transcribes callers’ comments for the hearing-impaired host.

Dawn’s the greatest example of a Trump supporter here in our office.

She’s been with him since before day one, and not one thing has ever made her falter in her support. Not one. The Access Hollywood video, nothing. And this is the big reveal. All of these Drive-Bys and all of these analysts — even the conservative Washington media think they’ve got this down pat — who think they saw a never-before Donald Trump last night, who think they saw a new Donald Trump? The people who supported Donald Trump, the people who elected Donald Trump, that Donald Trump last night was the Donald Trump they saw on week one, week two.

There was no new Donald Trump that night. This was why he got elected.

(I can’t resist pointing out that I made a similar observation here at Patriot Journal on Wednesday, but obviously not as well.)

Limbaugh explained that the president’s speech revealed just how out of touch the media and all its “experts” really are. The “tone and compassion” mainstream journalists couldn’t stop talking about all late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Limbaugh noted, had been on display “at every one of his rallies.”

In turn, this cluelessness won’t be lost on voters, Limbaugh noted:

There were a lot of people in this country that only watch the Drive-By Media, and all they know of Trump is that he worked with the Russians to rig the election, or that he hates women, or that he’s a bombastic narcissist or whatever.

The daily criticisms. That’s what they know because that’s what’s in the media. Then they watch this last night, and it doesn’t compute with what they’ve heard.

He also had some enlightening words on Trump and the media to share with Chris Wallace:

The speech also showed millions of Americans how equally foolish and out of touch the Democratic Party is.

Between the ones wearing “suffragette white” as part of some confusing protest, or refusing to applaud or stand at appropriate times, the country saw what Trump’s official opposition really looks like, and they weren’t impressed.

Every time a Republican is elected president, smart-alecks predict that Rush Limbaugh’s ratings will drop, because presumably he’ll have nothing and no one to complain about, and his listeners won’t feel the need to tune in to hear those complaints.

This idea belies a profound ignorance of how Limbaugh’s show operates, because he criticizes the GOP regularly.

But if anyone thought that Trump’s election would somehow render Limbaugh obsolete, the opposite is true. From behind his “golden EIB microphone,” Limbaugh is still a vital voice in debunking liberal propaganda and media spin.

His millions of fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Source: Breitbart

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