Newt Attacks! Gingrich Drops TRUTH BOMB On Khan…Everyone Needs To See This [WATCH]

The story goes that comedian W.C. Fields wanted this carved on his tombstone: “On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.”

Someone who probably wishes he’d never set foot in the City of Brotherly Love is Khizr Khan. The father of a heroic Muslim American soldier attacked Trump personally in his address to the Democratic National Convention in Philly, and probably didn’t expect the blowback it would cause.

At first, many Americans from the president on down denounced Trump’s “attack” on the Gold Star father, and it looked like this might be the controversy that finally brought the GOP candidate down. But now Trump supporters are rallying in his defense, and one of the most articulate has just weighed in.

On Fox News, the plain spoken Newt Gingrich delivered a much needed dose of reality and balance. Saying that Trump might be well served to apologize to the Khan family and put the matter behind him, Gingrich added:

“Part of his point is that Mr. Khan went to a political convention and accused Trump of some nasty things. But Trump didn’t delete 30,000 emails.”

After reciting a litany of Hillary Clinton’s many lies and outrageous conduct, Gingrich added:

“There are plenty of things the media could be excited by if they were willing to take this seriously.”

As for another Gold Star parent, Pat Smith (whose son died in Benghazi, but who is being ignored by much of the media) Gingrich said:

“Hillary looked her in the eye and lied to her about her son’s death. That’s pretty cold.”

The mainstream media’s lack of balance and obvious bias has rarely been so stark as it has been over this issue. It is especially distasteful when the individuals they are using to smear Trump (and earn ratings and page views) are families who have sacrificed so much.

Source: ProudCons

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