Gingrich Just Dropped POWERFUL Statement About Donald Trump…The Media Is HATING THIS!

Ask random Americans to describe Donald Trump in two words and in some cases, their answers would be unprintable. That said, even some of Trump’s biggest cheerleaders will be floored when they hear what one Republican insider just called him.

It’s not something that’s being widely reported. The media has been having a field day repeated Newt Gingrich’s remark that Trump’s comments about a biased judge were “inexcusable.” However, what he said after that isn’t getting as much attention, for obvious reasons:

Asked point-blank if Trump should apologize for his comments about the judge, Gingrich laughingly replied, “Compared to Bill and Hillary Clinton, no. Give me a break.”

“The ability of the news media to step past the Clinton Foundation, past the Clinton emails, past all of the continuous lying by the Clintons and say, ‘Boy, Donald Trump has a real problem,’” Gingrich continued. “No, Donald Trump, compared to Hillary Clinton, is totally virtuous.

“Hillary Clinton’s entire career is hiding behind lawyers and lying, from the Rose law firm and Whitewater to today,” he added, turning the attack towards the biased media. “The news media’s one-sided view of Trump, I think, will blow up on them. The media is likely to be in real trouble this fall because the average American will learn how totally prejudiced it is.”

“Everybody who tells me, ‘Boy, Trump’s in real trouble.’ Those are the people who told you last year he couldn’t be nominated,” Gingrich said. “They’ve been consistently wrong, so I just laugh at them.”

Source: Conservative Tribune

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