BREAKING: Glenn Beck Makes Presidential Endorsement. He’s All In For…

Glenn Beck has a massive audience and a huge influence among the conservative grassroots.

While many Trump supporters were angry with his full-throated backing of Ted Cruz, many remained hopeful that Beck would board the Trump Train and bring his following with him once the field was winnowed to The Donald.

Well, now we can stop wondering. Beck has made his presidential pick.

According to The Libertarian Republic…

Libertarian presidential candidate, Austin Petersen appeared on Glenn Beck‘s show today, scoring major points with the host and his viewers.

The show will be aired in its entirety later today on The Blaze, but according to a status update on Austin Petersen’s Facebook page, Glenn Beck has already given Petersen a glowing endorsement.


UPDATE: Beck denies, TLR retracts

Source: The Libertarian Republic

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