Breaking: You’ll Never Guess Who’s Going To PRISON…Democrats Erupt In CHAOS!

The more we learn about liberal politics, the more we are disgusted.

Democrats love to pretend to be the party with convictions. For years they’ve crowed about helping minorities, women, and the less fortunate. They have parading around as the party for the working classes, confronting the corruption of the rich.

But for a very long time they’ve been nothing of the sort.

The working classes have been manipulated by greedy labor unions, run by politicians and the criminal class. Minorities, especially black Americans, have been infantilized thanks to liberal social programs.

And women are only respected by democrats, they say—as long as they obey their feminist dogma.

But beyond this is the frequent revelation of corruption within the Democratic Party. They’ve tried to pin crimes on Trump and his team–with flimsy allegations of Russian hacking.

But the truth is, the party of Hillary and Obama has the dirtiest hands imaginable.

One particular democrat is getting taken down for serious crimes and might topple a well-known leader.

From Angry Patriot Movement:

The left embraces criminals. Every day, we see another liberal exposed as a criminal.

Dr. Melgen, a Florida eye doctor and Democrat contributor, was convicted of 67 counts of Medicare fraud stemming from a 2015 incitement; it was during this time that Dr. Melgen was also indicted for bribing Senator Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey). Senator Menendez is facing corruption charges. 

Dr. Melgen’s conviction will likely result in a conviction against Senator Menendez for bribery.

Senator Menendez has been a fixture in liberal politics for years. He flourished during Obama’s administration and was an outspoken critic of President Trump. But what do you know? He’s been indicted on charges of corruption.

Do you think Trump called D.C. a swamp for no reason? This kind of behavior has been going on for years. Powerful politicians taking bribes from the rich to give them favors and benefits. And who do you think suffers? You and me.

Liberal leaders have been playing games with our society for generations. They have pushed for Socialist policies that rob us of our freedoms, while empowering crooks and special interests.

Now is the time for the corrupt of D.C. to be put on the chopping block. Every last lying weasel must be brought to justice, so that Americans can have honest leadership again.

My thought is, more will be exposed in the coming years.

Source: Angry Patriot Movement

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