CAUGHT – What Google Is Doing To Stop Trump Will Make You FURIOUS!

It’s no secret that the Silicon Valley elites who run social media sites and search engines mostly consider themselves “progressives.”

Facebook has cooperated with the German government, for example, to censor citizens complaining about the one million Muslim migrants who’ve recently flooded into the country. Twitter recently banned one right wing commentator for posting “racist” comments, even though he didn’t.

Now Google is apparently up to something nefarious and blatantly biased, at least if this report from the NBC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio can be believed:

Googling the presidential candidates Wednesday morning didn’t produce the exact results some people would expect.

Searching for the term ‘presidential candidates’ brought up a handy guide above all of the other search results with pictures of candidates with active campaigns. Clicking on a picture brought up searches for the candidates.

The only problem is that Republican candidate Donald Trump wasn’t included. Neither was Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson.

The station dutifully contacted Google for comment. A few hours later, Trump and Johnson were back in the search results for the phrase “presidential candidates,” and Google sent WCMH-TV a statement assuring them that the “bug was resolved.”

The wry old computer science joke is that the difference between a software “bug” and a “feature” depends on your point of view. No doubt that for some passive aggressive individual on Google’s team, being able to erase Donald Trump, even in a temporary, virtual way, was definitely a “feature.”

Source: NBC4

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