BREAKING: GOP State Chair Threatens Trump Backers…Cops Will ‘Forcibly Remove’ From Convention

We’ve seen the GOP delegate process go from frustrating to down-right corrupt.But now news from Mississippi is positively batty.

The chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party is threatening to use armed force to prevent Trump backers in the next round of elections.  I have another word for it: desperate.

From Breitbart:

Breitbart News has obtained text messages sent by state party chairman Joe Nosef to Trump campaign official Mitch Tyner threatening the use of force ahead of Saturday’s elections for state-level delegates in Mississippi. Nosef says that he is merely ensuring “safety.”

“Safety” huh? Sounds more like intimidation.

I’ve rarely heard of law-abiding delegates causing a trouble at an election. The presence of a police force can only be to discourage anyone Mississippi GOP don’t want showing up at the polls.

If this sounds strange to you, don’t be surprised.

Officials have been trying to manipulate elections since the beginning of our history. Be it exclusion laws or strong-arm tactics, there are people who would violate the will of citizens for their own agenda. But thanks to social media and the openness of modern technology, we can see these tactics firsthand.

Nosef claims he was speaking on behalf of Governor Bryant, although he is a noted Cruz supporter. The action has brought division among the state’s Republicans.

“There’s no question he’s doing anything he can do to oppose conservative candidates like Trump or Cruz,” said Noel Fritsch, a well-known Mississippi conservative…“When he says include people we trust, he means people we can control.”

“Governor Bryant should immediately call for Joe Nosef’s resignation, and more importantly, he should make it clear that the state police will not be used to silence political dissent in Mississippi,” Fritsch said.

This story is continuing evidence at how fractured certain parts of the GOP have become.

Has eight years under Obama really shattered their resolve?

Are they so against candidates like Trump that they’re willing to intimidate with armed force?

Unless the Republican Party can unite and support their people, there’s no way they will be defeat a Democratic candidate come November.

Source: Breitbart

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