BREAKING: GOP Leaders Just Made A Decision Donald Trump Will LOVE…This Will Shock Everyone!

The Republican presidential race has almost run its course.

While the anti-Trump crowd made a lot of noise, they never really attracted the kind of mainstream, establishment support that they expected.

A big part of the reason is that Ted Cruz just isn’t one of them. They could never get excited enough about Cruz to see him as preferable to Trump.

Now National Journal has a story out that admits they #nevertrump is out of gas and national party leaders are starting to accept the inevitable. The headline…

GOP Leaders Surrender to Trump

Dislike of Ted Cruz among top Republicans keeps most of them on the sidelines, paving the way for Trump to be the party’s new boss.

Be­hind the scenes, donors are ex­hausted. Even when the stakes are the highest, many are un­will­ing to dish out more anti-Trump dough. It’s one reas­on why the “Stop Trump” groups were mostly off the air­waves in the ex­pens­ive North­east­ern states hold­ing primar­ies, giv­en the pro­hib­it­ive cost of ad­vert­ising. Mean­while, there’s little en­thu­si­asm with­in Re­pub­lic­an lead­er­ship circles to deny Trump the nom­in­a­tion if he comes very close to the ma­gic 1,237 num­ber. Trump’s past polit­ic­al blun­ders have quickly been for­got­ten; if he wins In­di­ana, it would take an­oth­er epic blun­der for him to blow it. With Paul Man­a­fort and a more pro­fes­sion­al staff now on board, that’s less likely to hap­pen again.

What makes this GOP sur­render so re­mark­able is that, by not fight­ing Trump more ag­gress­ively, Re­pub­lic­ans are act­ing against their own self-in­terest.

The fat lady has sung.

Source: National Journal

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