BREAKING: The 1 YUGE Number That Proves Donald Trump Is Winning…And Will Beat Hillary

One of the biggest knocks on Donald Trump is that he is alienating Republicans, especially the traditional GOP elite who fund campaigns and party institutions.

As part of his cost-efficient campaign, Trump has closed offices in states that have already voted and opened far fewer offices in upcoming states than other candidates, instead relying on his popular appeal instead of traditional grassroots organizing and campaign technology.

It is, therefore, essential for the party to have infrastructure that can propel Trump’s general election campaign and the impetus to spend the money in order to boost his campaign.

Well, it looks like Trump’s popularity IS providing the party with the resources it needs, and that could very well help warm the GOP up to his candidacy.

Hot Air has the details…

Politico reports that the RNC has had a record-breaking fundraising cycle hauling in $135 million including $11.5 million last month:

“The record-breaking level of grassroots support we’ve gotten this cycle is powering our ability to build a robust field organization in every battleground state,” Priebus said in a statement. “Supporters from every part of the country know Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would drive our country further into the ditch and that we need a Republican president in the White House to pull us out.”

Source: Hot Air

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