PANIC: Establishment Ploy To Steal Nomination From Trump REVEALED…Intended COUP!

The #NeverTrump movement’s effort to float a third party alternative to Donald Trump ended in embarrassment, after the fellow they’d pick to lead them — David French — said he didn’t want the job.

Apparently, these Beltway Republicans haven’t suffered enough humiliation yet.

They’ve started yet another organization to try to steal the nomination from Trump, and, not incidentally, from the Americans whose primary votes put him on top.

The New York Times reports:

A conservative donor who has been scouring Republican ranks for a third-party candidate is pressing ahead with a group to get on the ballot in dozens of states. The candidate will come once the group sees that the ballot access is possible.

The donor, John Kingston, a bundler and ally of Mitt Romney, said he will bankroll a ballot-access project to create a path for someone to run as another option. The effort is being called Better for America.

The idea is “to do a proof of concept for everybody,” Mr. Kingston said. “It exists, there is a pathway, there is a road that you can be going down.”

The Massachusetts man was heavily involved in efforts led by the Weekly Standard editor William Kristol to find a challenger to both Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump for a third-party line.

Of course Bill Kristol is involved again. On Twitter, he made a lame joke about launching Better for America on Trump’s 70th birthday. He then served up a cliche from an old movie as a kind of motto for the cause, except his version was pathetically politically correct: “If you build it, he or she will come.”

Wasn’t Kristol one of the Republicans who wanted to spread democracy around the world during the Bush years? Too bad he wants to undermine it in America.

Source: The Political Insider

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