YUGE: GOP Platform Committee CAVES…Gives Donald Trump EXACTLY What He Wants!

A few last gasp #NeverTrump types are probably still fantasizing about taking over the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, but something just happened that will make that even less likely.

GOP elites who hate Trump especially object to his pledge to build a wall at the U.S./Mexican border.

These Republicans are soft on amnesty and illegal immigration, and want to put forward a candidate who shares their stance.

However, the party’s official platform itself now contains language that backs up Trump’s promise.

Ken Klukowski reports for Breitbart:

Republican Party staffers prepare a first draft of the platform for delegates to use as a starting point for debate, a draft based on the previous convention’s platform (in this case, the 2012 platform), updated to account for current issues. These staffers had already included language in the first draft calling for “construction of a physical barrier” on what it called “our vulnerable borders.”

But some delegates noted that a “physical barrier” could mean all manner of things, from a chain-link fence, to a series three-foot high concrete blocks like Americans typically see on construction sites or around sensitive government buildings. The delegates decided to remove all ambiguity, replacing it with Donald Trump’s words, calling for the construction of a “wall.”

The platform specifies that the security wall should secure “the entirety of the Southern Border and must be sufficient to stop both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.”

This language is pretty impossible to parse. In the unlikely event that a #NeverTrump favorite could somehow steal the nomination, now there would be no point, since Trump’s policy on this issue are now baked into the Republican platform and represent the views of the party, not just one man.

Source: Breitbart

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