It’s Happening! One State Just Went To War With The Feds…And They Want Every State To Join Them

Every so often we hear of a governor or state representative making large boasts against the federal government.In fact, this sort of thing has been happening since the beginning of the Union.

So it’ll come as no surprise that a new campaign is being mounted to do just that.

And wouldn’t you know, it’s coming from Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott has put forth “The Texas Plan,” an effort to unite states to invoke Article V of the US Constitution.

His agenda is to get enough support from the states to pass amendments aimed at limiting federal government. Largely in his sights is the ability to override Supreme Court rulings, no doubt an attempt to overturn their recent stance on gay marriage.

From Ring Wing News:

Some of the amendments in the proposal include prohibiting administrative agencies and the unelected bureaucrats from creating and preempting federal law; mandating that Congress balance its budget; allowing a two-thirds majority of the states to override a US Supreme Court decision, federal law or regulation; and prohibiting Congress from regulating activity that occurs within one state’s borders.

These all sound reasonable on the face of it, although I’d think Abbot would have more success had he not called his agenda “The Texas Plan.”

People outside of Texas aren’t necessarily impressed by Texas brashness. But aside from this misfire, the desire is commendable.

The battle between state rights versus the federal government has been going on since the Civil War (though we know how that ended up). There are a few caveats to keep in mind though, some that Abbott needs to overcome.

Getting states to work together on a unifying goal is, in its very nature, impossible. The only reason the 50 diverse states of America are united at all is because of the iron-clad Constitution. It’s the one thing we have in common.

You go from state to state, you’ll find the people have very different values, for good reason. The socio-economic conditions of almost every state are different. They have different needs and issues to combat.  Get even a portion of the states to agree on an agenda as massive as taking on the Federal government is as hard as, say, starting your own country.

It’s the greatest example of herding cats since, well actually herding cats. It can’t be done without disastrous results. Do I have to mention the Civil War again?

That doesn’t mean curtailing the federal government’s overreach is a bad idea. It’s just much harder than it sounds.

Even if Abbott can get all fifty states on board, it’s an uphill battle from there.

How do you force the Federal government to pass limits on itself?  It’s just doesn’t seem possible.

But more power to Gov. Abbott.  Just consider renaming the plan.

Source: Ring Wing News

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