Greedy Muslim Sues Little Caesar’s For $100 Million – He Just Got DESTROYED With 2 Words

There are greedy people in our society that will look for any excuse to get rich quick.

Sometimes it’s a malpractice suit, sometimes it’s a flimsy injury. And even sometimes, people will try to use their religious beliefs in order to manipulate the system.

It’s the lowest of the low, to use sacred principles and convictions to bilk companies out of money. Yet greedy dirt bags will even do that in order to rob a business.

Such is the case of an ongoing suit in Dearborn, Michigan.

From Angry Patriot:

A Muslim man from Dearborn, Michigan is livid after receiving “pork” when he ordered a pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars. He is suing the pizza chain for $100 million.

Little Caesars has called the lawsuit “without merit” and are prepared to defend themselves in court…

Bazzi is filing a class action lawsuit for $100 million. He is hoping that other Muslims who think they were misrepresented by the pizza parlor join in for the spoils.

However, Little Caesars completely rejects the plaintiff’s claims. The manager of the Dearborn pizza place, who was named in the lawsuit, claims he did nothing wrong and that the Muslim customer actually asked for a pepperoni pizza with a Halal sticker on the box.

The manager says Bazzi wanted a pepperoni pizza and the Muslim “told the employee to put the [Halal] sticker” on the box.

Based on the manager’s claims, it appears that Bazzi is straight up lying in an attempt to take advantage of the liberal outrage over “Islamophobia” and enrich himself.

It’s obvious this Muslim man is trying to use the current liberal hysteria over Islamophobia to cash in. Had he been Jewish or Christian, his empty case would have gotten no traction.

Yet because empty-headed liberals have been bending over backwards for Muslims in recent years, this crook thought he could rob a pizza company over nothing.

Seriously, $100 million!? Over a pizza that costs less than $20? This guy is seriously deluding himself. Yet it shows us just how entitled some Muslims have become over the illogical victimhood liberals have placed on them.

In America it seems Muslims have more rights and protections than anyone else. All thanks to the toxic policies of the left.

Most likely this case will be thrown out. But make no mistake: more will come.

Source: Angry Patriot Movement

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