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Guess How Many Illegal Immigrants Live In American Prisons? Taxpayers Are FURIOUS!
By Faith Braverman|May 4, 2017

It’s common knowledge that illegal immigrants are a burden to American taxpayers.

They receive food stamps and other forms of welfare while their children receive free education, courtesy of you and I.

President Trump recognizes this and has made it a top priority of his administration to stop illegals from taking advantage of American citizens. The only ones trying to stop him are liberals who are upset that conservatives want to actually enforce America’s immigration laws.

But there is one area in particular where illegal immigrants have sucked away a huge chunk of American tax dollars, and it’s hardly been mentioned by the mainstream media.

From Lifezette:

Nearly a quarter of the inmates in federal prisons were born outside the U.S., and more than half of those have final deportation orders, the Department of Justice said Tuesday.

The foreign-born prison population as of March 25 totals 45,493, or 24 percent of all federal inmates. Of that group, 3,939 now are American citizens. That leaves 41,554 inmates who remain citizens of foreign countries. Some 22,541 of them, or 54.4 percent, have final orders to be deported once they’ve completed their sentences. Another 33.4 percent, 13,886, are under investigation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for possible deportation.

It’s a total embarrassment that Americans are being forced to fund illegal aliens in our prison system. Their three hots and a cot cost taxpayers a whopping $1.4 billion a year.

That’s almost $4 million dollars – per day.

That ain’t chump change folks! Think of how much that money could help with the building of the wall.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions agrees, and rightfully said in a statement that these criminal illegals in our jails are a “burden” to Americans.

“This is why we must secure our borders through a wall and effective law enforcement,” Sessions said this week. “[W]e must strengthen cooperation between federal, state and local governments as we strive to fulfill our sacred duty of protecting and serving the American people.”

Source: Lifezette

Faith Braverman
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