Guess Who Just BANNED The Burqa…No One Could Have PREDICTED This!

In Canada, the Conservative Party Prime Minister proposed banning the burqa — but only for the few minutes it would take new immigrant Muslim women to recite the citizenship oath. For that modest proposal, he was denounced as a “racist.” Some say it cost him the election.

Other countries don’t have the luxury of calling each other names over such matters. For nations like France, the burqa is both a symbol of radicalism and a real life security risk. For example:

The nation of Chad, for example, placed a burka ban in effect after two Boko Haram suicide bombers killed thirty in the nation’s capital, arguing that suicide bombers can easily hide explosives under loose clothing.

In an ironic twist, even the most radical Muslims of all are being forced to ban the clothing they otherwise endorse:

ISIS in Mosul, Iraq has reportedly banned the face-covering burqa veil in security and military centers due to safety concerns. While the burka is mandatory in other parts of the city, ISIS has prohibited the veils after a number of insurgents were killed by women wearing burqas to disguise themselves.

When even terrorists themselves acknowledge that this clothing is a security threat, how do insults like “racist” still apply? Don’t expect liberals to give that paradox much thought. By now they’ve moved on to their next imaginary “outrage” while their true enemies continue to plot their demise.

Source: Allen B. West

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