Gun Shop Owner Who Banned Muslim Has Really PISSED OFF Liberals Now…This Is AWESOME!

In the wake of a deadly terrorist shooting last summer in Chattanooga, a Florida gun shop made a bold announcement. They declared they would not be selling guns to Muslims. The Muslim ban made headlines across America.

Both liberals and conservatives came out to discuss this gun shop’s stance. Despite heated debate, Florida Gun Supply stood by their choice.

Now they’re back with an even more extreme story.

From The Political Insider:

In what is being called an extreme version of “free speech,” the Florida gun shop that earned national headlines from banning Muslims after the deadly terrorist attack in Chattanooga is back in the news. This time, they are selling shooting targets with faces from famous left-wing politicians.

The targets feature the faces of Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Their mouths are warped, in Joker-like grins, with bull’s eye circles over them. The message is pretty clear.


But can this kind of product really be protected by free speech? Won’t gun control extremists and liberals cry that this will only encourage people to take shots at these politicians?

It’s all in how you look at it.

The First Amendment protects the right to free expression, which includes the right to shoot, burn, or in any way destroy an image of anyone including the president as long you’re not posing a “credible threat.” The standard here is whether there is genuine intent to commit or incite violence, and also whether that violence is likely to actually occur. If there’s no “clear and present danger,” as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. put it, there’s no basis for censorship. So unless the Seaside Heights boardwalk is, in fact, a surreptitious assassination training ground, the game is perfectly legal.

But I argue that burning a picture of Obama isn’t quite the same as putting a literal target on his face and shooting a gun at it. While we at Patriot Journal support American’s freedom of speech and expression, I can’t assume the Federal government will feel the same about these targets.

Nor will Hillary’s lawyers.

This gun shop might be getting some unpleasant visits sometime soon.

Source: The Political Insider

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