Greg Gutfeld Just ANNIHILATED Liberal Protesters! “Odd Coincidence” Reveals…

Liberal hypocrisy comes as no surprise. Remember how much they hated the grassroots Tea Party rallies eight years ago? The media did everything in its power to discredit these popular events, calling them “astroturf” events funded by the Koch brothers, and even coming up with a scatalogical nickname for participants, that referred to a gay sex act.

(Isn’t it funny how many liberals knew what it meant, while most conservatives had to look it up — an action they soon regretted…?)

Well, you’ll never guess who has just acquired a strange new respect for grassroots protest gatherings! The mainstream media can’t get enough of the anti-Trump town hall events that are taking place across America, as Republican congressmen return to their constituencies.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld is disgusted:

What an odd coincidence that just before these new folks are crashing the current town halls, there were mobilization efforts by leftwing groups to crash the very same town halls.

The New York Post reports on an Obama-linked group called Organizing for Action offering training manuals and tips on Facebook that show you how to disrupt events.

The tips: “Go in quietly. Grab seats in front. Don’t sit together. Ask hostile questions. Loudly boo. Give footage to media.”

All these tactics are literally right out of the Alinsky “community organizer” playbook, Rules for Radicals.

Gutfeld continues:

The goal is to cause chaos and fear and the impression that even the safest leaders are far removed from their constituents.

Perhaps it’s too much to ask the networks to expose this coordination, maybe because they’re happy to be part of it.

Talk about “fake news.” It’s unfortunate that there are still millions of Americans who rely on traditional media for their information. They will see these leftwing town halls and get the impression that Trump’s administration is in trouble before it has the chance to begin.

Undermining confidence in Trump’s legitimacy, and his ability to do his job, is just one aim of these “astroturf” gatherings. Whoever is really behind them is trying to keep Americans angry, divided and distracted.

Because protesting and speaking your mind to your elected representative is a treasured tradition going back to the founding, we don’t want to look unpatriotic by criticizing it. However, it is obvious that these “grassroots” events are being ginned up by the Democratic Party and far-left professional agitators. They have to be called out at every opportunity.

Source: The Right Scoop

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