BREAKING: Hacked Hillary Docs RELEASED…The SHOCKING Facts Are Worse Than Expected!

It’s well known among people who pay attention that Hillary Clinton is a villain. Since her time as first lady, through her career as a senator and on as secretary of state, she has lied, manipulated and intimidated to get her way. She has defrauded organizations, people, and even nations to protect her own interests and line her pockets.

Although these facts are undeniable, the liberal media is trying to protect her tooth and nail. They give little news coverage of her disgraceful behavior, past and present, while magnifying any perceived slight in her competition. The biased is almost laughable, if it weren’t so disgusting.

It took a hacker, under the likely guidance of Russian intelligence, to finally out Clinton. Guccifer 2.0 was the one responsible for uncovering a mountain of documents that expose Hillary’s corruption.

From Conservative Tribune:

These included such documents as a master defense plan covering Clinton’s many weaknesses and a “cheat sheet” detailing the issue positions of her Democrat rivals who challenged her ascension to the presidency.

It also contained collections of negative stories regarding Clinton’s private email usage and allegations of corruption at the Clinton Family Foundation while she was head of the State Department and methods by which those negative stories could be countered.

The hacked documents also revealed some of the sources of funding for Clinton’s would-be empire, exposing the often questionable and corrupt revenue streams coming from foreign countries that treat their citizens in a manner wholly inconsistent with Clinton’s “I care about women and children and gays” narrative.

These aren’t rumors. These aren’t unsubstantiated stories from disgruntled coworkers. These are documents written by Hillary’s people. This is undeniable proof of her wrong-doing. In light of the federal investigation into her illegal email server, I can’t see how this won’t get her indicted.

In the very least, it will damage her credibility with the American people beyond repair.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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