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BREAKING POLL – Half Of Americans Now Think That Hillary Clinton…
By Cheryl Chumley|September 15, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s honesty factor has just taken another ding.

She’s been trying to shake off a flood of poor showings in the last few months’ polls that paint her as falling behind Republican contender Donald Trump on the trustworthiness scale – but this latest survey isn’t likely to help her any.

But a new poll reveals that the hole she has dug for herself may be too deep to climb out of…

The Week reported: “‘Fifty percent of people think that Hillary Clinton has given the public false information about her health,’ a Politico/Morning Consult poll found in the days following the Democratic nominee’s pneumonia scare at the 9/11 Memorial.”

That’s when Clinton was forced to leave the scene quickly, due to poor health. Her campaign initially reported their candidate as suffering from dehydration, but two days later, confessed Clinton had actually been diagnosed with pneumonia. The coverup didn’t play well with the people, or in the polls.

Trump’s trustworthiness factor with voters, meanwhile, remains higher than Clinton’s.

As the Politico/Consult survey showed, only 37 percent of respondents believe Trump has lied about his own physical fitness – which different doctors on separate occasions have characterized as solid.

“Overall,” the Week went on, “people think Trump is healthier than Clinton, with 22 percent saying Clinton’s health is ‘above average or excellent’ and 36 percent saying the same for Trump.”

Still, 44 percent see Clinton’s health as a potential negative for her leadership ability, and three in 10 respondents doubted she would live past her first term.

Conversely, two in 10 saw Trump as dying in the White House, during his first term. And in the end, most would rather see Trump’s running mate take over, than Clinton’s, should the need arise.

“If one of them were to die, voters would rather have Mike Pence as president,” the Week reported, citing the survey. “Forty-three percent said he’s prepared to serve, versus 38 percent who think Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, is ready to step up to the plate.”

Source: The Week

Cheryl Chumley
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