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HE KNEW! Obama Official Reveals SHOCKING Truth About Syria
By Faith Braverman|April 12, 2017

To say that the Obama administration repeatedly lied to the American people would be an understatement. Their blatant disregard for the truth has had devastating repercussions.

It’s not just that these public officials lied to protect themselves from blame. Their lies have led to the deaths of thousands of people.

Former national security advisor Susan Rice lied for Obama on the morning news shows about the true nature of the attack on Benghazi in 2011.

Jay Carney and Josh Earnest lied during their White House press conferences as easily as they breathed. The president himself lied multiple times not only about his domestic policy (If you like your healthcare you can keep it) but his foreign policy as well.

The latter was lied about more severely than any of us knew, and now Obama’s underlings are coming clean,

From The Washington Examiner:

A former Obama official acknowledged Sunday that the U.S. “always knew” an agreement with Syrian President Bashar Assad did not clear all chemical weapons out of Syria, despite the fact that the administration touted the deal as an unequivocal success at the time.

“We always knew we had not gotten everything, that the Syrians had not been fully forthcoming in their declaration,” Tony Blinken, a former deputy secretary of state and former deputy national security adviser under Barack Obama, told the New York Times.

Blinken’s admission directly contradict statements made by former Secretary Kerry and Susan Rice, who both claimed in 2013 that they had brokered a deal with Russia and Syria in which Syria promised to get rid of all of its chemical weapons.

Kerry claimed that the agreement was a success and Assad had gotten rid of “100 percent” of his chemical agents.

So without question, Kerry and Susan Rice intentionally lied in order to deceive the American public. No wonder that since President Trump’s election John Kerry has fallen off the face of the planet. Susan Rice was off the radar for a bit as well, until her name recently resurfaced in association with another alleged embellishment (lie).

Now that the truth is out there, President Trump’s decision to attack Assad is being praised by politicians and Americans on both sides of the aisle. Now that Obama and his merry band of liars are out of the White House, true reform can begin.

Source: The Washington Examiner

Faith Braverman
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