He Said WHAT!?!

For many years, conservatives have been warning that the left is trying to “mainstream” pedophilia.

Thanks to left-wing Hollywood, children are increasingly being sexualized on television and in movies. It isn’t even uncommon to see young girls dressed in “sexy” outfits and imitating “stars” like the Kardashians, because their progressive mothers insist they look “cute.”

Inevitably, conservatives are denounced as prudes or paranoids when we raise concerns. We’re told to stop being “old fashioned.”

But this next story is so shocking, it’s possible that even some liberals are stunned by what they read.

Chris Cuomo (whose only qualification for his job as a CNN talking head is his famous last name) said something bizarre on Twitter:

As the Daily Wire explains:

The tweet comes during a news cycle focused on President Donald Trump’s rescinding of an Obama era regulation mandating public schools open all sex-specific bathrooms to children of the opposite sex provided they claim to be transgender. Left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets described the regulation as a “protection” for transgender persons.

So that establishes the context. But what could possibly explain Cuomo’s bizarre and even bitchy reply to a candid question?

This is just another example of liberals placing principles ahead of people. They’ve recently decided that transsexuals — usually mentally ill people who have deluded themselves into believing they are the wrong sex — are a new “protected class.” Having “won” so many civil rights battles, leftists decided to use these unfortunate individuals as their new “cause.” Progressives aren’t happy unless they have some fake “right” to bully the rest of us about.

It’s an indication of the media-liberal bubble Cuomo lives in that he clearly believes he is the righteous normal one in this conversation.

Other Americans didn’t agree:

Have there been calls for Chris Cuomo to resign from CNN, or for CNN to fire him without delay?

Of course not. Being fired for positing encounters between grown men and pubescent kids is what conservatives do, as witnessed with the scandal surrounding Milo.

Remember: This is the sort of thing liberals say in public, without embarrassment or hesitation, on a forum visible to millions. Imagine the sorts of things they’ve got planned for you and I (and our kids) behind the scenes.

Over two thousand years ago, Aristotle said that “Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society.” Something Cuomo and his fellow leftists would do well to consider.

Source: The Daily Wire

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